Bernier’s Attack On True North Over His WEF Travel Shows The PPC Is Not A Serious Party

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on June 14, 2023

In an incredibly odd move, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier picked a fight with the Indepdent Media outlet and think tank True North Canada. This followed Bernier appearing on the Andrew Lawton show following Bernier’s Conservative opponent in Portage-Lisgar Brandon Lesley jabbing at him on social media for having gone to the WEF conference in Davos back in 2008.

After Bernier called Lesley a liar, Lawton posted proof that Bernier did in fact travel to Davos in 2008 and was an attendee of the WEF conference, and Bernier had appeared on Lawton’s show the next day to supposedly set the record straight. 

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What followed was a very confusing and muddle interview where despite Andrew Lawton showing records that Bernier was an attendee of the WEF and Bernier even confirmed he was present and took part in multilateral meetings with other foreign affairs ministers, that somehow this did not count as having attended the conference.

Bernier also made favourable tweets about positive things being said about Canada by the WEF in 2015. 

Now I, like Andrew Lawton, do not actually care Maxime Bernier went to the WEF in 2008 or touted WEF ranking of Canada back in the day. I get that WEF attendance was required of him as Canada’s foreign affairs minister but the issue here is how much the PPC seems to care about Conservative politicians’ vague connections to the WEF or the UN. 

While there are some MPs like Michelle Rempel Garner who was more explicitly pro-WEF not long ago, PPC candidates, influencers, and social media careerists keep attempting to attach the WEF name to Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre through connections with individuals like former MP John Baird who is on Poilievre’s team. It should be noted Baird also only attended the WEF in his capacity as a minister, just as Bernier did. 

Pierre Poilievre has attacked the left-wing values of the WEF and declared that if the Conservatives form a government he will ban his ministers from attending WEF events. Despite this, the PPC Twitter mob still claims he still somehow in league with the WEF and other international organizations. It’s an unfalsifiable claim that Poilievre is a “globalist” when his mere working with John Baird counts as being bullet-proof evidence of an affiliation with globalism.

Even while writing this article I had PPC activists on Twitter posting tweets that were supposedly exposing the Conservative Party as being heavily WEF linked with very little evidence to show. 

This is exactly why Bernier had to go on the offensive at Andrew Lawton and True North, claiming they were acting like the CBC. Bernier knows a lot of his political appeal realized on being perceived as an ideologically pure conservative, so instead of just admitting he attended the WEF but brushing it off as just part of his old job which does not represent who he is, he lashed out.

Few Canadians take Maxime Bernier seriously for issues such as this. Bernier’s entire political pitch is that he is lightyears better than the Conservatives who are all “fake conservatives” according to him, but all he seems to do is purity test on social media and at rallies.

And the reality is that the PPC has big problems. 

The PPC has weak or deregistered EDAs, an over-reliance on social media virality over developing ground games in individual ridings, the PPC leadership kicks out members who ask about the never-published PPC constitution, and Bernier pays himself $104,000+ every year despite the lack of progress on many fronts. 

The PPC still seems to be more of the Maxime Bernier Show than a serious party capable of winning an election for public office. Bernier and his PPC followers seem subconsciously aware and insecure about this fact so they don’t realize the insanity of attacking independent media for asking reasonable questions.

Independent media is one of the only places through which the PPC can try and appeal to voters not already on board with the party. I personally believe Bernier attacked Andrew Lawton in a cheap play to renew vigor within his shrinking base. Unfortunately for Bernier, I doubt it works in the long run.

I recommend watching Lawton’s response to the ridiculous attacks on him in response to his WEF interview with Maxime Bernier. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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