Canada faces a constitutional crisis. The solution? Senate Reform.

As our neighbours to the south, the Senate should be elected. Regardless of their principles, they should hold the governing body accountable, and not be its lackey. Even if they are predominantly independent with centre-left tendencies, there is no excuse for a critical part of our democracy to be reduced to an unaccountable, toothless apparatus. 

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Is anyone in Canada going to say something about radical Islam?

Unfortunately, we have a political class that is happily in bed with Islamists and can rest there quite comfortably since they know the media poses no real threat of competently reporting on any of this. Take for example the recent major Islamic conference in Toronto, Reviving the Islamic Spirit, which bills itself as the largest one in North America. They chose to invite Siraj Wahhaj as one of their main speakers, and this should have raised some eyebrows within the media if it truly is as sensationalist and Islamophobic as some people claim it is.

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Who’s going to replace Scheer?

In the aftermath of Scheer’s, Conservative members will revert to campaign mode to select a new leader.

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