New poll shows 64% of Conservative voters think COVID-19 panic is overblown

Written By Guest User, Posted on March 31, 2020

True to form, according to a new poll out from Angus Reid, 64% of Conservative voters say they are skeptical of the coronavirus pandemic, viewing the response as “overblown.” 


Only 15% of Liberal voters and a mere 8% of NDP voters agreed that the threat of COVID-19 was exaggerated. Provincially, B.C. and Alberta had the most skeptics. 


The survey also asked Canadians if they were following the recommendations of health officials for preventing the spread of the virus. Out of the four main ones listed, only 37% of the skeptical Canadians are doing all four, whereas 72% of Canadians who see the issue as “serious” are doing all four. 

poll 3.png

One of the main issues stemming from the COVID-19 crisis is what the long term economic effect will be on the country and how long the recovery time will be. The majority of Canadians believe that it will take three to six months to get things “back to normal.” 

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