Iranian Activists and PS752 Victim’s Family Members Come Together to Protest “Friendly” Soccer Match

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on May 25, 2022

On Tuesday, May 24 activists from the Iranian community came together with other freedom activists from different communities to protest the upcoming friendly soccer match scheduled between The Islamic Republic of Iran and Canada.

There are many reasons to boycott the Islamic Republic and its numerous human rights abusers but for Canada to schedule a friendly in the wake of the state directed terrorist attack that killed 55 Canadians is especially obseane. Even an Ontario Superior court ruled that the downing of flight PS752 was an act of terrorism by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC). The evidence pointing to the fact that the plane was shot down intentionally is overwhelming, yet the Trudeau government continues to only refer to the event as a “tragedy” not an intentional act of terrorism. In contrast, Conservative Party leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre was willing to call it an intentional act of terrorism and support the communities foreign policy requests.

Although many politicians were invited to support the Iranian community only Micheal Parsa MPP from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario showed up, even though it was close to election time in Ontario. 

Speaking at the protest were Salman Sima, a former political prisoner who had been tortured at the hands of the IRGC back in Iran, and Dr. Avideh Motmaenfar, the President of the Canadian Iranian Congress. There were calls to impose Magnitsky Sanctions on the human rights violators lined to the regime, designate the entire IRGC a terrorist entity as the government promised to do in 2018, and stop handing out visas to the regime. Also, multiple chants broke out during the event like “Iran is not feeling well, Khamenei go to hell” and “Justin Trudeau shame shame shame, stop playing game game game”.

The anger from Iranian descendants at the mass-murdering terrorist who runs their former country is understandable. Still, the chants against Trudeau signal a new enemy of human rights in the view of Iranian dissidents. After an Ontario court ruled in favour of the victims of PS752 and called it a terrorist attack they started the process to gain remunerations from the regime. Bizarrely it was not the Iranian embassy or Islamic Republic assets that acted in their defence, but rather Trudeau’s government that took it upon themselves to use taxpayer money to defend the IRGC in court.

The upcoming soccer match may seem trivial, but it actually has long-term potentially deadly consequences. The Trudeau/Obama philosophy of foreign policy that disregards the concept of evil, and instead puts Western nations’ actions as the lone guiding force in the world has repeatedly failed. The central tenant of this philosophy was outlined in Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo when Obama essentially blamed Islamist terrorism on American racism. I didn’t work.

Trudeau implemented this philosophy with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran when he first came to power promising them leniency and wanting to reopen the embassy. As a response to a more friendly approach, the Regime decided to test the waters by murdering a Canadian, sociology professor Kavous Seyed-Emami in Evin prison. After they got no backlash from the Trudeau government they took it as a green light to murder Canadians.

So when the regime needed to stir the pot internationally and gin up some anti-Trump sentiment they picked a plane full of Canadians to shoot down. An act that Trudeau has still not labeled intentional or terrorism.

If this “friendly” soccer match goes ahead it will be another signal to a murderous regime that attacks on Canadians will not only go unpunished but will also be rewarded. Who do you think the Islamic Republic will target next if they need to show their strength internationally?

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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