City Of Hamilton Taken To Court For Banning Ads Defining What A Woman Is

Written By The National Telegraph, Posted on July 21, 2023

Christian Heritage Party (CHP) leader Rod Taylor, in a fundraising post for legal costs, stated that the City of Hamilton, Ontario, banned their party from posting advertisements on public advertising space defining what a woman is. 

This is obviously an infringement on free speech. The City of Hamilton is obviously trying to block the CHP from posting these ads to protect their own woke sensitivities against basic facts about gender and sex. 

The CHP was playing off the narrative that those who are proponents of gender theory cannot define what a woman is and find the scientific definition offensive  because of their belief men who identify as women are “real women.” 

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh popularized the simple “adult human female” definition of a woman in his popular documentary “What is a Woman?” where he demonstrated the pro-gender theory politicians, academics, and even doctors, cannot define what a woman is in a non-circular fashion. 

The CHP will be seeking judicial review of the City of Hamilton’s decision to now allow them to purchase ad space for their ads, which nobody can objectively prove is in any way offensive, unless the viewer of the ad is a radical gender theory activist.

The National Telegraph

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