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Written By B.J. Dichter, Posted on May 20, 2024

Entering Canada’s CHAZ

Recently, the main campus at the University of Toronto St. George has been under siege by Islamist activists, using all the tropes and rhetoric dating back to mid-century Germans. Robert, from Toronto, decided as an alumnus, he would pay a visit to Canada’s derivative of CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) that hijacked Seattle during the last US election cycle and resulted in multiple deaths. Most, if not all, of these activist actions and organizations are privately funded, often but not exclusively by foreign individuals and organizations, but more on that another time. For the purpose of this article, I want to give you a direct view of the experience on campus.

Robert attended the siege of the University of Toronto St. George campus and has provided excerpts of his police report to the Toronto Police outlining his experience, which reads as follows:

As I arrived at the opposite side of the circle from where I entered, I saw an entryway through the fence that was being guarded. It seemed as though there were students or young adults who were associated with the group behind the fence, checking people as they entered the fenced area. There was no proof offered that any of the participants were even enrolled at University of Toronto nor did they offer any proof they had any authority to occupy the campus.

After 1 to 2 minutes of watching people questioned prior to being allowed entry behind the fence, I went to the entry point and asked if I could enter. I was told by a young Asian lady wearing a white mask, a bucket hat, and carrying a megaphone, that there were community standards. She quickly offered me a couple of examples: 1. Be respectful. 2. Don’t take pictures of people’s faces, and a few others that I do not recall. I was then welcomed into the fenced area.

I took a dozen or so steps until I was approached by a group of three or four individuals, one of whom, another young lady approximately 5 ft tall with long hair and a very red face, said that she would inform me of the “community standards.” I replied to her that I had been advised of their community standards by the individual at the gate and proceeded on my way. While she attempted to block me from walking, she gestured to the entryway guard to come over and asked her to explain those standards to me. I waited and watched as neither of these individuals seemed to know what to do next.

Almost immediately after awkward and perplexing moment of silence, the second woman began telling me that she would go through a list of rules with me. I repeated that I had heard about community standards earlier, but if she wanted to walk with me while she explained them, I’d be happy to listen. She continued to block my way, mirroring my walking path.

Very quickly, a mob of four or five people formed a barrier in front of me, and then completely surrounded me. It seems these humble university students have been trained in crowd control and target isolation. They formed a circle around me trying to trap me so I couldn’t move. This was a clear escalation and an attempt to simply intimidate and coerce me into submitting to their will which was still unclear. Both the intimidation and harassment were working, and I began to feel concerned.

One individual grabbed my left arm and started to drag me, while others told him to back off. I was concerned about the large crowd and had difficulty focusing on who these individuals were. Where he a student, was he staff, was he Mujahideen? It was hard to tell because they all had masks like bank robbers.

Eventually, he let go of me and almost immediately after, a second, much larger male grabbed both my arms from behind and started pulling me in his direction. Again, others encouraged him to let go. Once he let go, then a third individual came up and stood close enough to me that I felt the breath from his nostrils on my face. He made demands that I must follow his orders. It seems they were very passionate about their community standards or terms of service.

I had enough. I told them I would no tolerate being assaulted a third time, and I would call the police immediately if this harassment continued. The group immediately formed a circle, closed in around me and started to jostle me and move me around the park. The attempts at intimidation had reached the level where I felt violence from the mob was imminent, and I immediately pulled out my phone and dialled 911.

In the course of the conversation with the 911 operator, the CHAZ mob was still encircling me, making demands of me, and chanting in my face, my ears, and behind me. The tolerant and diverse crowd was clearly doing their best to bully, harass, and intimidate me and make me fearful for my physical safety while I was still being confined and for what I still had no idea. All I wanted was to see what was going on in the central path of my alma mater university campus turned tent city. My intention through all of this was simply to walk through the park of the publicly funded university, understand their grievances and then leave.

Shortly after, a young black woman who covered her face approached me and introduced herself as Daisy. After asking for my ID like a government bureaucrat, she then began telling me how to behave, where to go, and that she would give me a set of rules to follow. Again with their obsession of rules and dominance. She said that if I were obedient and followed those rules, I would be free to go my way. If I was unprepared to do exactly as she demanded, “there would be consequences.” Daisy was clearly drunk with power, desperate to be in control with a veiled threat of ambiguous “consequences” and repeated demands to submit to her will while ignoring any attempt at conversation. She did it with a friendly smile like all true authoritarians.

It turns out the campus security had been watching our exchange for some time from outside the fenced area, but within a few feet of where I was being confronted. Their presence was a bit of a relief, even if they were on the other side of the fence, and were explicitly told by members of the CHAZ mob that they would not be welcome on the inside of the fence. It was very odd that campus security were seemingly denied entry into this pseudo-CHAZ compound? Who put the Lord of The Flys in charge? Is this acceptable from the student body for the University of Toronto leadership?

Although the exchange between Daisy and I was not productive, it did go on for quite some time, and the campus security seemed unimpressed by the behaviour of the students turned pro-Islamist activists hijacking their campus. Another individual joined us, expressing the same sentiment as Delusional Daisy, saying I would not be allowed to remain, and that “consequences would follow,” or something to that effect. Sometimes it’s hard to understand people wearing a terrorist diaper on their face.

I repeated that I had no intention of staying, and I would walk around the circle to observe and then leave, yet they seemed threatened by that and would not allow my presence in the publicly funded space, which they had now claimed as theirs. After confirming with campus police that I was prepared to have them escort me away once I had finished observing the campus, they agreed and supported this compromise. The campus police were reminded that they would not be welcome on the inside of the fence by the CHAZ mob.

After another 10 minutes of back and forth with the CHAZ high command and Campus police we came to an agreement and we walked around the circle, and I then left CHAZ.

As I walked out the compound gate, two people approached me and said they had videoed the entire episode and were mortified by what they witnessed and they were happy to share it with me. They also let me know that they had already shared it with the Constable by the gate.

After a bit of discussion with the two witnesses and the two constables, I made my way, along with the two witnesses, to the Special Constable office at 21 Sussex.

Some might ask why did I bother and the reason is simple, University of Toronto was my university, and institution of higher learning and open discourse. However, it seems to have been overrun by petty thugs and someone has to stand up and not allow this petulant behaviour to continue. If I could stand up to them, so can you. Do not be afraid, speak up.

B.J. Dichter

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