Photo-Essay: The Freedom Rallies The Media Doesn’t Want People To Remember

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on January 25, 2022

We’re trying something new with TNT here in the form of a photo essay. Please check out these photos showing the really large numbers of people who showed up to the World Wide Rally on Sept. 16th, 2021, starting at Queen’s Park, which then dispersed throughout the city.

Why are we posting this essay, however, seeing as it’s not exactly breaking news? One reason is censorship; these anti-lockdown/anti-mandate protests really are massive, energetic, and there have been more protests in the last two years and counting than the last twenty combined. 

The mainstream media is deliberately not covering these mass events, but we at TNT are committed to actually covering reality, so we will cover these events.  

One reason we are publishing this in theory ‘outdated’ story is that there seems to be some scrubbing of information happening. If the stories of mass protests are at all covered in the media, we are finding that stories even a couple of months old are being deleted when we go back to try and locate them. So this story and hopefully others can serve as an archive/time capsule for these interesting times we are living in. 

Please, I’ve talked enough. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so please check out the photos by our photographer who wishes to remain anonymous, but who can be contacted at:

Of course, the protests didn’t just end in the summer, right now Canada is experiencing a world record-breaking convoy of truckers against the vaccine mandates headed towards Ottawa to make their voices heard to our elected officials and raise a ton of awareness along the way.

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

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