Men Are Better At Sports Than Women

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on March 21, 2022

The Lia Thomas saga has taken centre stage in the culture wars as the transgender swimmer has smashed the NCAA record for women’s swimming. No one you would meet after you get in a time machine and go to 2008 would need an explanation as to why this is deeply unfair to female athletes, but since the rapid adoption of modern gender theory, this has become a contentious issue.

The core of the argument in favour of letting biological males who identify as female compete against women relies on some misleading statistics about testosterone levels and logical fallacies backed up by a culture of fear around being accused of “transphobia”. This Scientific American article is a perfect example of bad faith arguments devoid of any scientific rigour which would draw sharp criticism from every statistician in the world prior to ten years ago. Essentially, they argue it is harder for trans athletes to compete because they might get called names.

Even if the Gender Theorists are right about testosterone, which they are not, it is irrelevant. It is a scientific fact that men have a larger lung capacity than women of the same size, by about 10-12%. Lia Thomas went through puberty as a man, and as a result, has the lungs of a man. If you can not see how that is a distinct advantage in a swimming contest, you are either an extremely dishonest actor or not smart enough to read through an article.

Men will also always be faster than women on land as well, this is the great evolutionary trade-off of humanity. Humans are smart, we have enlarged prefrontal cortexes to enhance our intelligence and we evolved to be bipedal to be able to utilize this intelligence with our hands being deleterious for crafting and using tools. 

The limits to our abilities are caused by the dangers faced by our women during childbirth as a result of our bipedal nature and large brains. To make childbirth safer, during puberty females’ hips widen, but there are limits. If human female hips got any wider, running would be impossible. So, our women are just at the limit where they can run away from danger while still being able to give birth to children. Even so, childbirth, prior to modern medical advancements, has been the greatest danger to women.

While the conversation is centred around non-contact individual sports we can all laugh at the absurdity. However, once this gets into the contact sports arena gender ideology will get innocent women killed for the sake of tolerance. It almost happened once with transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox breaking the skull of their opponent. 

Men have a greater muscle mass than women, higher bone density, and possess many evolutionary adaptations that make us much better at violence than our female counterparts. While trans activists can make the same statistically flawed bad faith arguments on the issues of muscle mass and bone density as they do on testosterone, what can’t be debated is the skeletal difference men have. 

Biological males have hands that will always have greater grip strength while females have hands with greater dexterity. Just as female hips widen during puberty, males have their shoulders broaden. The male skeleton gives a greater ability to create force through torque as evolutionary pressures have made human males far less valuable to their society than females. As a result, males are prone to higher risk and violent behaviour. Excellent for producing athletes, but it also is the reason more men end up in prison.

While the impulse to be kind to those struggling with gender dysphoria is understandable, as a society we have crossed the rubicon on this issue where the push towards kindness for transgender people has now manifested into viciousness towards women. If we can no longer acknowledge basic biological facts then the gender theorists become no better than the hardcore religious fanatics they claim to oppose.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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