Freedom Convoy Spokesman Ben Dichter Announced As Bitcoin 2022 Conference Speaker

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on March 18, 2022

A spokesman for the recent Freedom Convoy protest in Canada, Benjamin Dichter, was just announced as a speaker at the upcoming, 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach Florida. Dichter is a fairly late-breaking addition to the speaking lineup, considering the conference starts April 6th and runs to the 9th, taking in Miami Beach Florida. 

At first glance, the announcement of Mr. Dichter at Bitcoin Miami 2022 is seemingly incongruous. The Bitcoin Miami Conference was held twice prior, in 2019 and 2021 (canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak), but these events were somewhat insular to the Bitcoin community: developers, businesses, and Bitcoin influencers (Bitcointers).

The 2022 event, however, features a diverse array of speakers and influencers new to the Bitcoin community, for example, other speakers at Bitcoin 2022 include headliner Dr. Jordan Peterson, as well as Peter Thiel, Cathie Wood, Yeonmi Park, amongst others

But upon closer examination, Mr. Dichter is actually a terrific fit for a speaker at the Bitcoin conference because of his involvement in the Freedom Convoy, the historic demonstration built on the principles of freedom, and that Dichter has been involved in bitcoin for several years. In this context, the overlap between the Bitcoiner community and the Canadian Freedom Convoy protest movement is significant and meaningful.

Just as a recap, the Canada-wide Freedom Convoy, beginning in Jan. 2022 in response to the then, tightening COVID-19 restrictions on truckers making cross Canada – U.S. border runs, became a global phenomenon and was emulated in the USA, Italy, Israel, France, Australia, Mexico, Bolivia, and elsewhere. 

The Freedom Convoy Protest seems to represent a breaking point in the patience for the regular working-class people who’ve had enough of the slide towards global tyranny, badly hidden under the veil of  COVID-19 restrictions. The Canadian truckers represented a rare but necessary source of strength for the rest of us who had been longing for a voice

It’s important to highlight and double underline, too, that despite government-paid media narratives arguing to the contrary, while the Freedom Convoy Protests were certainly disruptive of traffic and commerce (this was the point of the protests), these were entirely non-violent protests. Communities across Canada came together in solidarity to support one another yet the Canadian government, Ottawa Police, Ontario Government all apparently lacked the wisdom to see this.  

Their response was a brutal overreaction by police, acting as violent foot soldiers for the Trudeau regime. Shockingly no one in law enforcement in the final few days of the protest in Ottawa heeded the lessons of “just following orders,” learned during the Nuremberg trials after WWII. 

The most surprising overreaction of the Trudeau regime crackdown was the freezing of private citizens’ bank accounts without any warrants, charges, or legal authority to do so unless Trudeau enacted Canada’s equivalent of Martial Law, which he did.  

(Photo from CTV News)

This overreaction (i.e. everything the Bitcoin community has warned about for years) is the basis of their argument for the need for financial sovereignty and separation of money and state. The restriction has irreparably damaged the reputation of Canada’s financial system by freezing bank accounts and assets of Freedom Convoy organizers, protestors, and in some cases journalists merely attending.

This inexcusable move by the Trudeau regime, again, considering an Ottawa judge ruled that the protestors have a lawful right to be protesting in Ottawa. It was an entirely bizarre and surprising move by the Trudeau regime to even try such an extreme move that one would expect from the despotic leader of a hermit kingdom like North Korea. Even China, Iran, and Russia criticized Trudeau for this excessive use of force, and their criticisms are valid. 

This bizarre move took many observers by surprise and will have long-term consequences for the Canadian economy

Even the Bitcoin community, some of the harshest critics of the global financial system, was surprised how quickly the Canadian government arbitrarily seized assets. The original developers of Bitcoin were aware world leaders were eventually become excessively hostile, but the speed in which Trudeau turned to violence even surprised them.

The National Telegraph reached out to Mr. Dichter for comment, and he had this to say on all of these matters: 

The Bitcoin community is based on many common sense values around Freedom. One of those values is the right to self-sovereignty, to ensure that no individual, no government or extremist dictatorship has the ability to unperson you by weaponizing the financial system. What is shocking to everyone is that Canada, the nice guys, the ‘Tolerant and inclusive’ government would so quickly behave like a tyrannical third world banana republic from the cold war era. The world witnessed the Canadian people come together around love, freedom and unity while the Canadian government flushed all that good will down the toilet and made a permanent and authoritarian stain on the country.

Despite the authoritarian push to seize assets and bank accounts from innocent Canadians not charge with any crime, the global Bitcoin community came together and fundraised almost $1.2 million dollars for truckers most of which were donated directly and anonymously to individual truckers, who were parked and committed to the values of freedom in Ottawa for almost a month.  There are many videos circulating on the internet showing truckers receiving Bitcoin, which proves Bitcoin is everything the Bitcoin community has been arguing: that it is a dictatorship cracker.  

It is not surprising Bitcoin Magazine asked Benjamin Dichter to attend this year’s conference as a speaker. Mr. Dichter brought a practical voice to the Freedom Convoy as a fellow trucker Owner/Operator, and a spokesperson/media relations person for the protest, Mr. Dichter made numerous media appearances on Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Steven Crowder’s ‘Louder with Crowder.Dave Rubin’s ‘Rubin Report,’ as well as numerous other media outlets and independent creators. 

In this role as Spokesmen/media relation Mr. Dichter did a markedly successful job in combating the mainstream perception and cutting through the usual labels used by the legacy media and pathetic rhetoric from Justin Trudeau, attempting to tar & feather the truckers in the public eye. 

For his very public role as part of the Freedom Convoy Protest, Mr. Dichter was politically targeted by the Canadian and Ontario Government’s crackdown, and in fact numerous of Mr. Dichter’s financial assets were frozen by the government. This makes him an ideal voice to speak about the importance of financial freedom and sovereignty at Bitcoin Miami 2022.


The National Telegraph will be attending the Bitcoin conference in Miami and we hope to catch up with Mr. Dichter at the conference. 

Going forward, we need a greater spotlight on these alternatives to government-controlled finance, and that’s ultimately why TNT needs to be at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami. 

The issue is for us, the early adopter Bitcoiners are now high rollers, and the conference isn’t cheap!

We’ve set a campaign goal for $5000.00, which we think will cover most of the basics (seriously, the Bitcoin conference isn’t cheap!). We guarantee to give you the same in-depth reporting you expect from TNT at this conference. Whatever you can give, we’ll earn every penny: you’ll feel like you’re there on the ground in Miami with us.

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Neil McKenzie-Sutter

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