Canadian Startup Aims to Restore Your Right to Privacy & Security

Written By Anthony Daoud, Posted on March 7, 2020

Many of you will likely agree, Mega Corporations that we use on a day-to-day basis cannot be trusted. 

Entities like Google and Amazon are actively gaining access to and use your data for personal gain without our knowledge. For example, an investigation conducted by the Financial Times found that our privacy has been breached for some time. 

It doesn’t stop there. Rapidly growing companies from the east, such as TikTok, are also potentially getting in on your data. According to a report from the Guardian, the app is potentially open to using your data for nefarious means due to their connection to the government of China.

Information mining from big tech doesn’t stop there. Even sensitive information regarding healthcare has been offloaded from WebMD to big tech platforms, including Google, Amazon, and Facebook. 

The growing presence of surveillance capitalism has yielded tremendous inequality wherein 80% of the global corporate wealth is concentrated in 10% of the world’s companies-and they’re all in Silicon Valley. This growth has incentivized other firms to similarly adopt surveillance capitalism, pushing more Companies to attempt to illicitly make exuberant profits on our private information, all without our knowledge. 

This is where a little known Canadian start-up comes in. 

ZeU Technologies is a forward-thinking Canadian technology company that has developed a suite of products within a proprietary Blockchain ecosystem, a new internet protocol and a post-quantum encryption protocol. This technology would be capable of defending against quantum computers. 

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You can find out more about the full suite by clicking here. 

The company aims to launch a host of products, including secure post-quantum encrypted private emails to consumers very soon.

How secure is their technology? 

The security provided by their encryption software will exceed those utilized by the military, acting as the perfect product for high-level businesses, political dissidents, and consumers who are worried about the risk of big tech and their continuous move towards data mining. 

Put simply, it is technology the military would dream of. 

According to CEO Frank Dumas, the company “will not make compromises, you are entitled to privacy and if government agencies lose their ability to spy on honest citizens in the process, so be it.”

Thanks to its high level of sophistication, ZeU’s technology maximizes transparency, security, and scalability as well as big data management.

According to members of the company we interviewed, this capacity for scalability allows enterprise-level businesses to take part in data security while still having total control of their information.

According to members of their team, ZeU’s strategy is to monetize transactions in diverse sectors such as payment, gaming, data and healthcare.

While the company is preparing multiple products, the first one scheduled to reach the consumer market is MulaMail, an encrypted email service that removes the risk of phishing, spam, and hackers. 

You can register for an account on their website today, and be one of the first users once the product leaves beta testing. 

Anthony Daoud

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